As more organizations move out of the office due to COVID, companies are focusing on culture more than ever before. While culture comes in all shapes and sizes, an efficient culture makes all the difference. Not only does it result in engaged, proactive employees, but it also increases company revenue.  In order to maximize your … Read more

A toxic workplace isn’t just unproductive. It can also lead to a high turnover, interpersonal battles, stress, and ongoing disruptions. While we typically think of toxic workplaces as something that can only happen in a physical office, this definition is changing as the world moves to hybrid and virtual workspaces. With more companies shifting to … Read more

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Diversity and inclusivity are undoubtedly buzzwords in today’s workplace. Yet, how many workplaces legitimately build these values into the foundation of their culture? While diversity is endlessly discussed in meetings and on company value pages, it’s never been more important to practice what you preach.  Workplace diversity is when companies employ individuals with a variety … Read more

Workplace culture and remote working aren’t mutually exclusive. With 75% of employees paying close attention to a company’s culture before applying to a job, it’s never been more important to invest in your culture—even remotely. The question still stands: is it possible to create company culture virtually? With more organizations embracing hybrid workplaces or going … Read more

While most workplaces might claim they have a culture of belonging, what does this term mean in practice? All companies hope their employees are happy and satisfied when they clock in each day, but how do employees really feel? As humans, we wish for a sense of belonging. We want to be accepted by our … Read more

Nowadays, you hear a lot about “work-life balance.” It’s easy to picture a balanced scale with work-related tasks on one side and your personal life on the other. Having time for both aspects of the personal and professional makes sense, but is it really the best way to break up our time? Though different, work-life … Read more

When the COVID19 pandemic hit hard in March 2020, most companies that could went fully remote. For many businesses, this was the first time their teams worked from home. To say it was a big adjustment is an understatement, but companies learned to adapt and change. Now, some companies are even wondering why they didn’t … Read more

What is workplace culture? This is one of the most elusive concepts in business that I have ever encountered. I have been spending many years trying, not only to understand workplace culture, but trying to figure out how to explain culture to leaders. Because I am passionate about crafting intentional and thriving cultures at work.  … Read more

Leaders often ask me, “Something isn’t right with our employee engagement/morale. How do we fix it?” Culture-building is often misrepresented through costly tactical benefits that leaders ‘give’ their employees – perks, free lunches, and company-sponsored happy hours. Leaders believe their employees should ‘give back’ with stellar performance and get frustrated when execution fails despite these … Read more

With about half of the U.S. population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, many companies are pressured to decide if they are going to continue working remotely,  require their employees to come back into the office, or compromise with a hybrid model.  Employees across the country have adapted to remote work for the last 16 months and … Read more