It is well established that stereotyping in general is inappropriate in corporate America.  What is Stereotyping?  Stereotyping is simply an often unfair and untrue belief that many people have about all people or things with a particular characteristic. It’s like saying all people of the same race think or behave a specific way, when in … Read more

in person meeting of a team

Onboarding new employees is just as important as the interview, and often just as tough. It’s one of the eight steps individuals take during their employee journey.  What is an employee journey? An employee journey includes everything an employee learns, does, sees, and feels from the moment someone looks at your careers page to the … Read more

Virtual Workplace meeting

Many companies are asking, “How do we retain employees in a virtual world?” It’s a valid question. Employers need a way to improve remote employee retention to stay competitive. Let’s take a look at four fundamental retention tactics to improve remote employee retention:   Retention Tactic 1: Define Your Hiring & Work Processes Adopt a … Read more

offer acceptance rates

As more individuals shift roles and companies through the Great Resignation, companies are needing to focus on increasing their offer acceptance rates more than ever before. While it might seem straightforward that your chosen interview candidate accepts your offer, that’s not always the case.   What is an Offer Acceptance Rate (OAR)? Offer Acceptance Rate … Read more

The great resignation

The Great Resignation has continued to dominate headlines and stun business leaders as employee turnover reaches new highs.    Where did the Great Resignation come from? The term was coined by Anthony Klotz, an organizational psychologist and professor at Texas A&M University, during an interview with Bloomberg in May 2021. Turnover is reaching new highs … Read more

As more organizations move out of the office due to COVID, companies are focusing on culture more than ever before. While culture comes in all shapes and sizes, an efficient culture makes all the difference. Not only does it result in engaged, proactive employees, but it also increases company revenue.  In order to maximize your … Read more

A toxic workplace isn’t just unproductive. It can also lead to a high turnover, interpersonal battles, stress, and ongoing disruptions. While we typically think of toxic workplaces as something that can only happen in a physical office, this definition is changing as the world moves to hybrid and virtual workspaces. With more companies shifting to … Read more