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Origins of the Millennial Stereotype

By Jessica Kriegel

There’s a perceived need for recognition that is often discussed when considering millennials’ needs as employees in the workplace. The Millennial stereotype is often characterized by the way people think … Read more

Technology Can Help Enhance Corporate Well-being

By Jessica Kriegel

“We’re Hiring” signs are pitched on the lawns of organizations nationwide. Available job postings are on most companies’ websites. In short, prospective employees have a lot of options.  As the … Read more

Build an Intentional Culture vs. Accidental Culture

By Jessica Kriegel

The past two years of remote offices has changed how we work. Focus is on how to establish a culture in a virtual environment but the truth is many organizations … Read more

Disrupting How We Think About Generations

By Jessica Kriegel

It’s not surprising HR leadership struggles with inter-generational differences in communication styles, preferences, and expectations.  Or should I say perceived differences between generations like Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen X … Read more

Age versus Generation

By Jessica Kriegel

It is well established that stereotyping in general is inappropriate in corporate America.  What is Stereotyping?  Stereotyping is simply an often unfair and untrue belief that many people have about … Read more

in person meeting of a team

Onboarding is for the entire team, not just the employee

By Jessica Kriegel

Onboarding new employees is just as important as the interview, and often just as tough. It’s one of the eight steps individuals take during their employee journey.  What is an … Read more