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Why I Decided to Stop Measuring Employee Engagement to Create A Thriving Workplace Culture

By Jessica Kriegel

What is workplace culture? This is one of the most elusive concepts in business that I have ever encountered. I have been spending many years trying, not only to understand … Read more

The 8 Factors That May Be Negatively Impacting Your Company’s Culture

By Jessica Kriegel

Leaders often ask me, “Something isn’t right with our employee engagement/morale. How do we fix it?” Culture-building is often misrepresented through costly tactical benefits that leaders ‘give’ their employees – … Read more

Why Going Remote Shouldn’t Affect Your Company’s Culture

By Jessica Kriegel

With about half of the U.S. population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, many companies are pressured to decide if they are going to continue working remotely,  require their employees to come … Read more