What is the EX by Experience platform all about?

You may have heard the news recently that Experience.com, a disruptive provider of experience solutions, introduced EX by Experience.com.

So what is EX all about? Well, it’s an innovative platform that helps organizations hire and retain elite talent by powering people to do their best work. EX by Experience.com helps companies create and implement an intentional culture that empowers employees to perform across every level of an organization for greater ROI.

How does EX by Experience work? 

EX by Experience.com humanizes everyday excellence by collecting real-time data at each of the eight steps of an employee journey, from attraction and recruiting to exit. By doing so, EX by Experience.com: 

  • Empowers employees to easily share and excel through real-time continuous feedback.
  • Enables leadership to prioritize action by surfacing insights across specific touchpoints.
  • Elevates culture and ROI by improving experiences, engagement and retention.

With remote work the new norm, the Great Resignation, and intense competition, it is critical for organizations to effectively attract, engage and retain employees. For these reasons, the employee experience must be a focus for companies. EX by Experience.com allows companies to establish an intentional culture that results in long-term employee retention, higher levels of productivity, and improved quality of work.

Establishing an Employee Voice 

EX by Experience.com gives employees a voice that is heard by HR management so correct action is taken to improve retention and development. The platform goes beyond traditional pulse/annual surveys to truly elevate employees, humanizing and personalizing automated communication, so no candidate or employee is left behind. 

Real-time employee opinions are gathered via a best-in-class employee campaign blueprint that identifies the most critical touch points on the employee/employer journey. The platform of EX by Experience.com allows for simple development of custom employee automated workflows that power companies to launch journey-based campaigns for current and prospective employees.

Click here to learn more about the EX platform: https://ex.experience.com/

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